How To Buy


Purchasing quality furniture in store or on-line can often be a confusing process.  At Hubbingtons, our approach is more personal and transparent than our competitors.  We will educate you on our products and builders and you’ll be impressed with our everyday low prices, which even beat out our competitor’s sale prices.

Do you live in New England?

We have the easiest shipping/delivery systems within New England.  We try to keep most of our business within New England to assure that we can easily deliver, and service any purchases if necessary.  Don’t despair if you are not from New England, we still have some options to help you.  In some cases, it’s just better to give you a good education and then help you find a retailer closer to you where you can also get a good price!

Do Some Shopping

  1. Shop online at our website or in-store at our two locations.  Both options show the most popular items from each builder we carry.  If you find something you like, you can then proceed to buy online or visit one of our locations.  You can investigate purchases with a salesperson both in-store and online–we are always happy to help you find the perfect items.
  2. Look around online for a general idea of what you want and then send us an image; we can see if we carry that exact item or something similar.

Make Your Purchase

Most customers in New England can complete their purchase online and of course, can always stop by one of our stores and get a first hand impression of our products.  Those outside our standard delivery zones can make their purchase online but we will not move forward until we confirm delivery options.

When Your Order is Ready

  1. Online purchase: We collect payment in-full at the time of purchase so when your order is ready, it is immediately processed for delivery to your home.  You will be contacted and informed when the truck will be in your area.  You will need to arrange for an adult to be available to receive it.
  2. In-store purchase: We collect 1/3 payment at the time of your purchase and your furniture is shipped to our Barrington location.  If you are getting it delivered it will be coordinated out of the Barrington store.  All customer pickups from both store locations are done in Barrington.

All of our deliveries are quoted as inside, white glove delivery and include normal delivery access.  We cannot always guarantee inside, white glove delivery to exactly where you want, so please be sure to order furniture that will fit in your home.

How long will this process take?

Once you place an order with us, you will be informed on an approximate completion date. Remember that because we are dealing with custom built furniture, things do take time!  If you have chosen home delivery, expect a few weeks longer than the completion date for the delivery date.  For various reasons (weather, holidays, etc.) things do sometimes run late.  If a delay looks like it might occur with your order, we will let you know and keep you informed and updated on when it will be expected.